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The Kyoto agreement introduced in 1991 helped the whole world to consider more about the environmental protection. Since we have more and more information showing that climate change is affecting the world, it is not surprising for us to find that almost all companies would try to take the responsibility to reduce the negative impacts on global warming. Therefore, the oil gas industry is also trying to do something in this direction indeed. Read the rest of this entry »


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Green is New Black

In the past large companies were able to look past the need to “go green” but that is no longer the case. Now companies large and small cannot afford to look past aggressive implementation of environmentally conscious movements. Industry giants are not only making moves in the right direction but also making sure that the savvy public is aware of it. Companies are getting recognized for their efforts, but the reward should be in the act far more than the recognition. However to land on the list of one of the world’s most environmentally conscious companies is something that any would take pride in and rightly so; the list is a coveted one.

Three major organizations received an “A” grade in an independent report. The report was based on extensive environmental data submitted by close to 2,000 of the largest listed companies in the world. The names on the “green” list are some of the most recognized in the world, but the most important aspect of this list is the movement behind it.

The data compiled by CDP – formerly the non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project – based out of the U.K. – encourages companies to consistently measure and manage the impact that their implemented changes have on the environmental. Oil companies will benefit the most from going green since they are the most targeted for protesters who demand clean air. This tangible data seems to make a great difference in the mindset of companies who are now more open to disclosing information that has a positive reflection on the environment.

Many have wondered if the green mentality is more widely accepted in European countries than the US. While many deny this observation, there may be some validity in this assessment. Researchers have discovered that an astounding one-half of the nearly 200 companies who achieved an “A” grade are headquartered in Europe. Only one-third are located in U.S. as well as Japan. The numbers are pretty hard to deny, and companies who achieve the highest award are consistently proving that they are taking the challenge seriously. These companies are taking the initiative to measure, document, and report their greenhouse gas emissions. They comprehend the risks and opportunities that drastic changes in climate will presents to their business and communities.

Those companies that are slow to get on board will have to change their direction soon. Businesses are now facing constant backlash from environmental activist who insists that companies show their green credentials. Goldman Prize winner Hilton Kelley is one of the many activist who constantly challenges refineries to implement greener processing practices. Mr. Kelley lived in the Los Angeles area after moving from his hometown in Texas, but watched the unregulated practices of the local refineries destroy the city he grew up in as a child. “Every time I went home to visit, I kept talking about how nobody was doing anything about the pollution. But yet that was my home town too. I’ve was living in California away from it all, but it wasn’t an out of sight out of mind situation. I had information, knowledge and experience to make a change,” Hilton explains. “There’s a lot that I could contribute to bringing my community back to where it once was before the unhealthy practices of the refineries. I had to stop and question the man in the mirror. I had a dream about the things I could do for this community, and that was so surreal to me it actually lead me to come back to this town. The world needs to share that dream.”

Obama presidentU.S. President Barack Obama personally presented Hilton Kelley with the coveted Goldman Prize, also known as the “green Nobel prize. Recently the president announced new federal rules to limit greenhouse gases. Currently, the European Union, which is composed of approximately 6,000 companies, will be required to disclose environmental criteria as part of their public mainstream reporting to investors. It was also announced in China, over 20,000 companies are now required to report their greenhouse gas emissions to the government, the CDP reports. It seems that no matter who makes the list, the movement is here to stay, and we are all winners.

Carl Henegan and Charles Ogu @ www.Elnet.ty

Pipeline Trench Shoring

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pipeline ShoringPreventing pipeline trenches from collapsing is one of the most important parts of trench excavation and for good reason. According to OSHA, trenching is one of the most dangerous branches of construction work with over 40 deaths recorded each and every year. The worst thing of all is that these deaths are all preventable!

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